BluEye at Beats for Love 2023BluEye was born in 1987 and currently lives in Ostrava, Czech Republic. He started with music production in 2002. Early in 2011 released first 4 tracks. Since then there has to his credit several, including several remixes. Its production focuses mainly on Uplifting Trance.

In 2013, his greatest achievement was winning the remix competition for the legendary Binary Finary. This remix was released on their label Future Focus.

In the same year he started playing as a DJ.

Almost a year he had show "Trance Vibrations" on Ostrava's dance radio Helax. From october 2013 you could hear him every last Saturday of the month on the radio Zlatka in his part of the radio show called Energetak.

At this time fully engaged his own show "Trance Is The Air" which is broadcast every Wednesday at 19:00 CET on the French internet radio Puls'Radio - Trance Channel. Sometimes mixing for Language Of Trance radio show.

His tracks and remixes was released

Komplex Sounds, Future Focus Recordings, Aria Knights, AEZ Recordings, Redux Recordings, Full On 140 Records, Gent Trance Division, Afterworld Recordings, Relay Recordings, Pulsar Recordings, Beyond The Stars Recordings, Sorcery Records, Nile Tunes Recordings, D.Max Recordings, Sensual Bliss Recordings, Eyereflex Records, Cloudland Music, Soul Waves Music, Linger Records, Nu Communicate Recordings, Neverending Story Records, Andromeda Recordings, 4Beat Records, Mindlifting Records, Undervise Records, Mega Drive Records… (Abora Recordings, …)

Supported by

Paul Van Dyk, Aly & Fila, Alex M.O.R.P.H., Roger Shah, Markus Schulz, Binary Finary, Manuel Le Saux, Photographer, Ozzy XPM, Misja Helsloot, Ahmed Romel, Akira Kayosa, ReOrder, Allen & Envy, Kaeno, Pedro Del Mar, Philippe El Sisi, Karybde & Scylla, DJ Feel, Malorca Lee, Rene Ablaze, Veselin Tasev, Active Limbic System, Gareth Weston, Ori Uplift and many more…


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FREE DOWNLOAD - Elevven & JES - Heartbeat Tonight (BluEye Bootleg)

My new bootleg of Elevven & JES - Heartbeat Tonight (BluEye Bootleg)

Elevven & JES - Heartbeat Tonight (BluEye Bootleg)


FREE DOWNLOAD - Verona - Parabola (BluEye Remix)

My new remix of legendary Czech dance group Verona is OUT NOW!


FREE TRACK!!! Nitrous Oxide feat. Aneym - Follow You (BluEye Bootleg)

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